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bio-terrain- and science-based health coaching
certified in functional genomics & mycotoxin analysis

(re)gain ownership of your mind, your body and your health


I am an integrative nutrition health coach specializing in functional genomics.  I am, at heart, a health researcher, advocate and educator versed in myriad health and healing modalities that honor the mind, body and spirit.

My coaching practice is based on the systems biology approach to health and healing, beginning with your autonomic nervous system, your unique ability to use nutrients and remove toxins (genes), your individual microbiome and your relationship to trauma and stress.

My passion is to support you in (re)gaining ownership of your body, your mind and your health. Together we explore tools to be your own health detective, such as self-directed nutritional and genetic testing.

I act as your sounding board, mentor and champion, alongside you as you engage with practitioners, assess healing modalities, make changes in your diet and explore stress and inflammation reduction.

My approach is holistic; it embraces the biochemical, the energetic, the spiritual and the anatomical. I do not diagnose or treat disease, but teach you to use nutri-genomics, detoxification and lifestyle changes to support function so you can be the healthiest, the most vital you.

I post regularly on social media about the many aspects of anti-aging and systems biology, healing at the cellular level. This site merely scratches the surface of this work.


I ask my clients to be their own health advocates and educate themselves about systems biology.

I list educational resources here.


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the roots of cellular healing * regeneration


oral health


energy * voltage

gut/brain integrity

microbiome diversity

stress & trauma reduction

the root cause of chronic health conditions begins in the cell


The scientific, peer-reviewed literature from around the world is clear: all disease is caused by inflammation, better described as “oxidative stress."  The root cause of inflammation/oxidative stress is cellular dysfunction, autonomic nervous system imbalance, and poor energy.

chronic disease only occurs when we lose the ability to make
new cells that work ~ Dr. Jerry Tennant, "Healing is Voltage"

What causes this dysfunction?  Biochemical, physical and emotional stress, meaning toxins such as aluminum, fluoride, molds, glyphosate and electrical frequencies in our food, air and water; dental infections and amalgams; vitamin and mineral deficiencies; structural sub-luxations and autonomic nervous system imbalances; medications that deplete essential nutrients; and most significantly, trauma in its many guises ... combined with variants in the enzymes (genes) of the metabolic and detoxification pathways.

Nutrient imbalances can be repaired ... toxins removed ... the nervous system balanced ... genetic weaknesses supported ... energy generated and trauma relieved.  A few resources on how are here.

Regaining health takes time and engagement, rarely is it a linear process!  Working with me as your health coach, we will explore the root causes of your health conditions from an eye-opening perspective quite different from that of standard-of-care allopathic, symptoms-based, "drugs and surgery" medicine.

chronic fatigue is a dorsal vagus problem;
the person has gotten stuck in dorsal vagus and
it feels like depression ~ Stanley Rosenberg


You will have the opportunity to learn about and explore protocols and science behind osteo/chiropractic, naturopathic, environmental, genetic, personal, and energetic medicine, mind/body healing, and the new science of "cell danger response."


i meet with clients online and in person. 

my practice is membership-based.

i work with a maximum of four clients at a given time.

paypal, cards and cash accepted.

organic foods, frequency devices, supplements and other

resources can be purchased through your favorite vendor;

you may also place orders through Wellevate, Fullscript

(or for NutriGenetics' specialized DNA supplementation, through me)

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